Is “Plogging” the future of podcasts?

April 12, 2018

A new idea... let me know what you think


Turning Your Passion into Your Job with Preston Pugmire

December 19, 2017

Preston Pugmire is a lot of things - professional musician, keynote speaker, podcaster, marketer, coach, and entrepreneur.  From traveling the country playing music to consulting with with CEOs he's learned more about personal developmpement and business than some people do in a lifetime.

In this podcast we talk about being personally fulfilled with your career, tips on how find meaning in our jobs, and we hear some interesting stories from Preston's journey.

To get more from Preston, check him out here:


Podcast: search "Next Level Life" on iTunes.


Olive Ave: Risk Aversion, Social Media, and Good Timing with Stephanie Tarnasky

October 16, 2017

Stephanie Tarnasky started selling discount designer jeans out of her studio apartment before quickly growing her side-business into a full-blown store with multiple locations and a nationally recognized brand.  We talk about her story and how she grew her business into what it is today.


How to Deal with the Risk of Entrepreneurship - with Stuart Draper

August 15, 2017

Stuart Draper is a bit of a living legend in the digital marketing world.  He is the Founder and CEO of Stukent, a "courseware" company that helps college professors teach internet marketing.  His first company, Get Found First, was one of the first digital marketing agencies in Idaho and is a national powerhouse in an ever-growing industry.

In this episode we talk about dealing with the risk of starting a new business, how starting in a small town can actually become a benefit, and what to focus on most in the early days of a start-up.




When to Quit Your Job to be an Entrepreneur Full Time - with Thomas Scott and Anthony Armstrong

July 26, 2017

Thomas Scott and Anthony Armstrong are the CEO and COO of Kaiback Outfitters, a footwear and apparel brand.  They both bring a unique perspective to the entreprenurial narrative in this epsode where we dive into topics like when to quit your job, being an entrepreneur with a low risk tolerance, and how to find your righ-hand-man.

I really enjoyed recording this episode - it's pretty casual, un cut, and real - for better or for worse...


From one garage to thousands of garages - The Monkey Bars story with owner Adam Newman

July 21, 2017

In this episode we sit down with Adam Newman, one of the owners of Monkey Bar Storage - a garage storage solution company.  Adam and his father started Monkey Bars in their own garage in Boise Idaho before growing it into the massive, national brand that it is today.  With over 120 dealers across the US and thousands of customers, Moneky Bars is saving the world from unorganized mess - one garage at a time.


Adam covers a variety of entreprenurial topics in this episode - including the importance of building relationships with the people selling your product, building a team that compliments your strengths, and honing in on your craft.


Hometown Founder: From Ice Cream to SaaS and everything in-between - Lance Wickham’s Entrepreneurial Story

July 19, 2017

In this episode we talk to Lance Wickham, the President of Bankrupcy Watch - a SaaS company that is revolutionizing their industry by giving their clients the information they need with speed ease that they never thought was possible.

Lance has a rich background in entreprenuership, starting at the young age of 12 by selling hand-made crafts to tourists in his home town.  He then moved on to advertising, movie theaters, ice cream, and various other ventures before landing where he is now, the President of a sophisticated software company.

Given Lance's diverse entreprenurial background, his perspective is unique and valuable to entrepreneurs across a myriad of industries and markets.

Check it ouuuuutttttttttt - 


Interviewing our Intern, Peter Cole

July 12, 2017

In this "episode" we chat with our intern, Peter Cole, about his gaming YouTube channel, social stigmas surrounding digital media, and being an Instagram Influencer. Really, the point of this "episode" is just to try this out and see how it goes - next week we'll do a "real" interview.